The value of offering a wide array of both plumbing and electrical services under one roof gives Sun River Electric the ability to provide our customers with full services on location, from start to finish.  We have licensed technicians trained to handle all plumbing system repairs and installations, Call us today to learn more.

HOT WATER HEATERS– There are many different hot water heater makes and models.  Our plumbing service technicians are adept to perform maintenance and installations on any hot water heater. Sun River Electric is a fully certified Marathon Water Heater Dealer.

HYDRONIC RADIANT HEATING AND COOLING– Use less energy to heat and cool your commercial or residential building where no air movement is required to heat or cool your space.  With Hydronic Heating and Cooling there are no drafts, no dust, and no mold moving throughout your building.

Radiant cooling has gained recent popularity because it offers the potential to reduce cooling energy consumption and peak cooling loads. This system not only offers comfort with great energy efficiency, it also allows for downsizing and eliminating individual air conditioning units. While forced air systems have been prevalent for a long time, they are not the most effective means of providing consistent and comfortable heat and cooling to a building or home.

There are many options for designing and installing Hydronic systems.  It is important to be aware of the problems that can occur during the installation. Sun River Electric has the experience and the expertise to ensure a successful installation of your Hydronic System.